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5 Smile Flaws Easily Corrected With Veneers

It’s safe to say that pretty much no one is “born” with a naturally perfect smile. Most of us have at least one issue we’d like to correct to get that beautiful smile of our dreams. For years, “fixing” most of those cosmetic issues meant a prolonged — and costly — course of treatment. But thanks to dental veneers, all that’s changed.

Dental veneers use strong, durable porcelain or quick-to-cure resins to change the size, shape, and color of your teeth without surgery and without removing a large portion of your natural tooth. At Novi Family Dentistry in Novi, Michigan, our team uses state-of-the-art dental veneers, so our patients enjoy beautiful results. Not sure if veneers are right for you? Here are five common cosmetic problems that can be “fixed” with durable, natural-looking dental veneers.

Deeply stained teeth

Professional teeth whitening treatments can do a great job of getting rid of superficial stains in the upper layers of tooth material. But some stains go a lot deeper — right into the center of the tooth. Those stains can’t be removed with teeth whitening treatments. The good news: veneers can help.

Our veneers can be custom-tinted to match your surrounding teeth, so they can hide unsightly stains while blending in beautifully with the rest of your smile. Veneers can be a great choice for deep stains and discoloration due to illness, tooth disease, medication use, and natural discoloration due to aging.

Misshapen teeth

Not everyone has perfectly shaped teeth. In fact, plenty of us have one or more teeth that look too small or too pointy or just oddly-shaped compared with our ideal. Our veneers are custom made and expertly shaped on an individual basis, so they can be designed to correct size and shape imperfections while giving you a more beautiful, more confident smile. In addition to “evening out” the size and shape of your teeth, veneers can help create that natural symmetry that helps ensure your smile looks great at every age. 

Cracked or broken teeth

Cracked or broken teeth can detract from an otherwise gorgeous smile, plus they can make you feel self-conscious, too. Custom-tinted veneers cover cracks and fractured teeth, restoring your tooth’s appearance so your smile looks healthy and well cared for. Plus, because veneers are made of very durable material and bonded using strong adhesives, you can feel confident your results will last for years.

Gaps between teeth

If you have large spaces between two or more teeth, it’s not just your smile that suffers. Gaps and crevices make it a lot easier for food particles to get stuck in between teeth, and that means those areas are also more likely to harbor decay-causing bacteria. Veneers can close up unattractive gaps, so your smile looks healthy and beautiful — and your teeth get some added protection, too.

Crooked teeth

Yes, braces and aligners do a great job of repositioning teeth and improving bite balance.  But what if you just want a little cosmetic improvement without the hassle of orthodontics? Then veneers might be right for you.

Veneers are applied to the surfaces of your teeth, and with proper sizing and skilled placement, they can help your teeth look straighter — even without braces or aligners. Plus, while orthodontic treatment takes months or even years to complete, veneers can give you the cosmetic results you want in just a couple of office visits.

Get the beautiful smile you want

Veneers can be applied in just one or two office visits, and the beautiful results they provide can last for years. Plus, veneers are easy to care for with regular brushing, flossing, and dental checkups. To learn more about how state-of-the-art veneers can help you get a more beautiful smile, call Novi Family Dentistry at 248-348-5151 or use our online form and book an appointment today.

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