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Best Dentures in Novi, Michigan


What is a denture? A denture is a removable substitute for missing teeth and the tissues associated with those teeth. It is composed of acrylic plastic and on few occasions made of porcelain and metal materials. A denture nearly matches the visual properties of the natural appearance of regular gum tissue and teeth.

To replace all the missing teeth on the upper or lower part, the complete dentures are used. While the partial dentures are used when only missing spaces of teeth are replaced to prevent shifting in their position. The complete dentures can either be conventional or immediate. The immediate denture can either be a partial or complete denture that is immediately inserted on the same day when the natural teeth was removed. The immediate denture serves as a bandage to prevent the bleeding after the teeth was extracted. It also protects the surrounding tissues. The conventional denture is crafted and will be ready to be inserted on the missing teeth for eight to 12 weeks after the extraction and healing of the gum tissue. There are cases where dentists recommend more time for the placement of the conventional denture.

The patients who need dentures

The partial denture is for patients who still have some of their natural teeth intact. The use of the dentures is for elderly patients and younger patients who lost some or all of their teeth. You should communicate with your dentist about losing your teeth and your anxieties and fears.

Procedures for dentures

The dentist will make a complete conventional denture when the patient lost all teeth and the extraction site has healed. The process for the denture takes about a month with five appointments. The initial stage is diagnosis followed by wax bite and impression for the proper jaw positioning and vertical dimensions. The next stage is trying out the denture to check proper fitting, color, and shape of the denture. The final denture is placed on the missing teeth of the patient and follow-ups for any adjustments may be needed.

Those who wear the dentures for the first time will need to get accustomed with the new substitute to their natural teeth because even those that greatly fits into the missing teeth will still feel awkward. Many patients can begin to talk normally after a few hours of wearing the new denture. However, patients will complain about discomfort while eating for numerous days or even weeks. The best way for anyone with a new denture to get accustomed to it is to select soft and easy to chew foods until you get the hang of it. Other patients may notice that there is a slight change in their facial appearance, increased production of saliva or minor discomfort or irritation.

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