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Novi Family Dentistry

Novi Family Dentistry is a premier general and cosmetic dentistry practice conveniently located in Novi, Michigan, led by Abir Faraj, DDS. The practice treats patients of all ages and is committed to happy, healthy smiles. It’s affordable yet professional, as Dr. Faraj offers exceptional care.

Here at Novi Family Dentistry, we offer treatments for young and old patients, regardless of the condition of their teeth, gums, and smiles. We tend to all patient needs, whether it’s a cosmetic concern or something more serious.

For patients seeking routine dental cleanings, checkups, fillings, or a brighter, aesthetically pleasing teeth, Novi Family Dentistry offers a wide array of solutions. Certified dentist and dental assistants, provide fillings, bonding, crowns, bridges, dental implant crown, dentures, veneers, and emergency dentistry. Our certified hygienists, provide routine cleanings, gum disease treatment and teeth whitening. 

The Novi Family Dentistry team treats patients like family. They look forward to helping them achieve exceptional oral health and a gorgeous smile. Schedule an appointment with Novi Family Dentistry by phone or online today.



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Novi Family Dentistry is committed to making sure every member of your family has happy smiles. An inexpensive but professional dental practice, Novi Family Dentistry is an accessible and helpful practice located in Novi, Mich.




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What You Need to Know About Fluoride

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Gingivitis 101: Can I Reverse Early Gum Disease?

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Words from our patients

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    "I felt very comfortable throughout the whole experience and definitely recommend coming to Novi Family Dentistry."

    Dala K.
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    "I have been a patient for many years at Novi Family Dentistry and I have never had a bad experience."

    Nancy S.
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    "Amazing service was provided and the staff was very understanding of my concerns and questions."

    Marcelle K.
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    "They are all so kind and friendly, make you feel at home & comfortable. They provide excellent services and are very professional."

    Daniella F.
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    "They make you feel comfortable while providing you with world class treatment in their state of the art office!"

    Tom B.
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    "I get amazing cleanings and dental work every time I go there. Dr. Faraj is an amazing choice for all your dental needs."

    Mike B.
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    "I've always received great care and everyone is very caring and very thorough! Would recommend to anyone!"

    Jacquelyn E.
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    "Dr Faraj and her staff made us feel welcome and were so incredibly accommodating with our children."

    Pamela B.
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    "I am very afraid of the dentist, but Karen made me feel very comfortable. Had a deep cleaning done and slept right through it."

    Erica W.


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