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Metal Free Restorations in Novi, Michigan


What are dental restorations?

Restorations are used to fill in cavities or holes in teeth to create a more structurally sound and healthier looking smile. Metal fillings were popular over the past 100 years, but they are being replaced by more durable and visually appealing filling options. Porcelain and composite fillings are growing to be the standard option in dental restorations for their tooth-colored appearance and ease of application. Metal fillings stand out from teeth due to their dark coloring and take away from a perfect smile, but non-metal fillings help to create an overall whiter appearance.

What are the benefits of metal free restorations?

Non-metal restorations are the top choice used by modern dental professionals due to their cosmetic appearance. Composite or porcelain fillings give a healthy white smile while metal restorations tend to dull and become dark over the years. Non-metal fillings are easily bonded to cavities and teeth and will not increase tooth sensitivity. Metal free restorations maintain original tooth shape while giving teeth more stability and functionality. Proper fillings are needed to maintain the health of teeth and avoid cavity spreading.

Are metal free restorations durable and safe?

Metal fillings are created using a combination of different metals, including mercury, which is used to bond the filling to the tooth. While in small amounts mercury is not harmful, metal free composites do not put their owners at risk as no toxic metals are used. However, metal free fillings are not quite as durable as metal fillings due to their lack of mercury bonding agent. Non-metal fillings have not been around as long as metal restorations, so their longevity has not been as extensively measured. The durability of restorations is dependent not only on the type of filling but also on an individual basis.

Can metal restorations be replaced by non-metal restorations?

Fillings do not last forever, and they can be replaced by a dental professional. Making the switch from a metal filling to a non-metal filling can increase the brightness of one’s smile while giving a more structurally sound tooth. Choosing metal free restorations allows patients to receive the most functionality and best-looking smile for their mouth. Porcelain and composite fillings are the new and modern way to stop cavities in their tracks while creating a beautiful smile.

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