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Dental Bridges in Novi, MI


Bridges are one of the cosmetic restorative treatments that Novi Family Dentistry offers. If you plan to get a bridge, here is an overview of this procedure.

What are Bridges?

If you lost one tooth and the tooth beside it was damaged or fractured, the best restorative treatment for your teeth would be a dental bridge. The name literally denotes a bridge-like structure with one full dental restoration called a pontic and an adjacent crown attached to it. The crown is placed atop the abutment tooth, which is the damaged adjacent tooth that has been trimmed into shape. Bridges are made of three different materials: porcelain, porcelain infused with metal, and pure metal. The price of a bridge varies depending on the material used as well as the size and shape of the tooth being replaced.

What to Expect when Getting Bridges

Two visits are required to complete the installation of a bridge. On the first visit, we will first trim down your abutment tooth to shape. It will look like a small cylinder that will hold the crown in place. We will then take a mold to create the perfectly shaped bridge for your teeth. If you are getting porcelain bridges, we will copy the exact shade of your teeth to match the bridge. This mold will be sent to a dental laboratory where the bridge will be manufactured.

While you’re waiting for the bridge to be finished, you will be given a temporary crown for your abutment teeth. Once the bridge has arrived to our clinic, you will be requested to make a second visit for the final installation. The temporary crown will be removed and the permanent bridge will be cemented in place. To ensure that the bridge fits your mouth, you may be required to come back for follow up consultations.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

There are multiple benefits of getting bridges, including:

  1. Cost. Compared to dental implants or dentures, bridges cost less but also offer similar features.
  2. Safety. The materials used for making bridges are safe and biotechnologically tested. They do not have any adverse effects on the teeth or gums.
  3. Durability. Bridges are made of very strong materials and can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.
  4. Non-invasiveness. Bridges don’t required surgery or any invasive procedure. You will only be given a local anesthetic when trimming the abutment teeth. Apart from that, all the procedures are painless and quick.
  5. Preservation of natural teeth. In some restorations, the teeth will need to be extracted. In the case of bridges, the damaged tooth doesn’t need to be removed, only trimmed.
  6. Esthetics. Porcelain bridges are very natural-looking and almost unnoticeable. Bridges also restore the appearance of the mouth as well as the shape of the face.

How to Get Bridges at Novi Family Dentistry

At Novi Family Dentistry, we prioritize the needs and wants of our clients. If you think you are an ideal candidate for bridge installation, pay us a visit and our dental team will be happy to examine your dental condition. Our dentist Dr. Abir Faraj will closely check your teeth and recommend the best treatment options for you to choose. Contact us at 248-289-8938.


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