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Periodontal Treatment of Gum Disease in Novi Michigan


Gum disease is an inflammation of the mouth’s periodontal tissues, and it can range from mild to severe on an inpidual basis. Severe gum disease can cause intensive injury to the periodontal tissue or jaw bone and even result in tooth loss. Gum disease predominantly affects adults but does not have to be a permanent issue. Periodontal gum disease can be healed or improved by creating a proper hygiene routine or seeing a dental professional at Novi Family Dentistry in Novi, MI, to remove plaque.

What Causes Gum Disease?

Bacteria are the main culprits in causing varying types of gum disease. More than 700 different types of bacteria have been located within human mouths, and while some are necessary in maintaining a healthy mouth, some bacteria cause problems. Bacteria create plaque on teeth as well as emitting a foul odor whilst it is consuming leftover sugars in the crevices of teeth and gums. A quality hygiene routine gives bacteria less food to consume, reducing plaque and thusly improving upon gum disease.

What are Symptoms of Gum Disease?

Gum disease makes itself known in a variety of ways depending upon the severity of the affliction. Those with gum disease can expect to experience one or more of the following symptoms; bad breath; puffy, painful or bleeding gums; pain while chewing food; less visible gums; or wobbly teeth. If experiencing one of the above symptoms it is critical to check with a dental hygienist to determine the severity and action needed to combat the gum disease before it causes major damage.

Gum Disease Treatment

Treatment for gum disease varies depending on the severity of the disease. Mild gum disease can be treated with an improved hygiene routine that includes brushing after every meal, flossing regularly and using an antibacterial mouthwash. A dental professional may prescribe medication that helps fight bacteria growth. More severe gum disease may require surgical treatment or intensive cleaning from a dentist or a gum specialist. The dentist will clean the teeth of the plaque by scraping it off with a tool or in some cases using a laser. If the gum disease persists, a dental professional may need to conduct removal surgery to rid the patient of unwanted plaque.

Locally Placed Antibiotics

Antibiotics combat bacteria chemically by killing them off or slowing their growth. Antibiotics can be given in prescription pill form, but they can also be placed directly on the bacteria-infested area. Dental professionals are able to locally place antibiotics under the gum line to kill off existing bacteria will fight off future growth.

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