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5 Benefits of Partial Dentures

5 Benefits of Partial Dentures

When you’re a kid, losing a tooth usually means an exciting (and lucrative) visit from the tooth fairy. But as an adult, a lost tooth means something entirely different, typically a combination of a loss of tooth function combined with lowered self-confidence and self-esteem.

About 120 million American adults are missing at least one tooth. For many of them, a partial denture provides a beautiful solution to help restore their smile and maintain their oral health.

At Novi Family Dentistry in Novi, Michigan, Abir Faraj, DDS, and her team offer partial dentures made from durable, beautiful, natural-looking materials. Here are five reasons why partial dentures might be the right choice for you.

What are partial dentures?

While a full set of dentures replaces all of your missing upper or lower teeth, partial dentures replace one or a few teeth lost to trauma, decay, or other reasons. Partial dentures are often used when a dental bridge is not an option or when the patient prefers dentures over a bridge for other reasons.

Partial dentures consist of one or more tooth-colored crowns (prosthetic teeth), which are attached to a gum-colored base. The base fits snugly and securely against your gums or, for upper dentures, your palate. Today’s partial dentures are made of lightweight, durable materials that look and feel very natural.

Five reasons to get partial dentures 

Would you like to smile and show off a full set of teeth? Partial dentures can help you do that and more. Here are five of their biggest benefits:

1. They’re budget friendly

Dental implants might be growing in popularity, but there’s no getting around the fact that they’re more costly than traditional dentures. If you’re just looking to replace one or a few teeth, a partial denture can be a budget-friendly alternative that restores the way your teeth look and function. Plus, you can still switch to implants later if you decide that’s a better option.

2. They’ll give you more confidence

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, so it makes sense that when you’re missing one or more teeth, you’re probably not making the best impression possible. Plenty of people with missing teeth feel less confident about the way they look, especially when those gaps are visible when they smile, talk, eat, or even yawn. 

Partial dentures are designed to look like your natural teeth, blending in with your natural teeth. With a partial denture, you can feel more attractive and more confident in all sorts of social settings.

3. No surgery is required

Dental implants require surgery to place the implant into your jawbone. And, if your jawbone is too thin, you’ll need another procedure to place graft material at the place where the implant will go. While these procedures are safe, a lot of people don’t want to go through surgery — especially if they’re replacing just one or two teeth.

Partial dentures don’t require surgery. At your initial visit, the dentist takes an impression of your teeth, then uses that to create a beautiful, durable denture that you can start wearing right away. In fact, some patients opt for immediate or same-day dentures, which are crafted the same day any extractions may be performed.

4. They’re easy to get used to

Today’s dentures — partial and full — use lightweight materials that are super durable while also being extremely comfortable to wear. Because a partial denture is only replacing a few teeth — or even just a single tooth — most people find it quick and easy adapting to their new appliance. 

5. They can improve your oral health

When you lose a tooth — even a single tooth — that loss can trigger a cascade of unwanted oral health problems, including increased risks of decay and additional tooth loss. A missing tooth can also increase pressure and strain on your jaw and remaining teeth. 

Over time, that can lead to chronic jaw or facial pain, rapid tooth wear, and an increased risk of developing cavities. When a tooth is gone, neighboring teeth can start to shift positions, which can weaken their roots and even lead to tooth loss. A partial denture is a simple, quick solution that can help prevent these problems from happening while maintaining normal, healthy bite mechanics.

Find out more about partial dentures

If you’re missing one or more teeth, partial dentures can help restore your smile quickly and help you avoid more serious issues later on. To learn more about partial dentures and other tooth replacement options we offer, book an appointment online or over the phone with Novi Family Dentistry today.

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